List of Free code UIWeb


  • AKWeb View
    Custom UIWeb View subclass + view controller base for building hybrid iOS apps.
  • browserviewcontroller
    An UIWeb View Controller that mimics Safari.
  • CMHTMLView
    CMHTMLView is UIWeb View wrapper to provide easy access to show rich text content (HTML) with native look and feel.
  • imtwebview
    A demo of a UIWeb View subclass that is able to track the download progress (not 100% AppStore safe, 100% not evil).
  • JJGWeb View
    UIWeb View class and example implementation for iOS Applications.
  • KPWeb View Interceptor
    KPWeb View Interceptor a mechanism of transparently invoking Objective C View Controllers from Javascript running within a UIWeb View.
  • NJKWeb View Progress
    UIWeb View progress interface.
  • Proxying UIWeb View
    Demonstrates a UIWebView that proxies most requests via a local webserver. EXPERIMENTAL.
  • RNCachingURLProtocol
    Simple offline caching for UIWeb View and other NSURLConnection clients.
  • SAMWeb View
    Push UIWeb View to its limits.