List of Free code ScrollView


  • CCLevelScrollView Demo
    ScrollView with level select tiles using Cocos2D.
  • Custom Sliders And Scroll Views
    Custom slider controller, scroll view and block animations.
  • FlowScroll
    Sample code for creating a simple cover flow esque scroll view.
  • GBInfiniteScrollView
    The GBInfiniteScrollView class provides a endlessly scroll view organized in pages. It is a UIScrollView subclass that can scroll infinitely in the horizontal direction. GBInfiniteLoopScrollView provides auto scroll functionality. It allows you to add views dynamically. It is based on Apple StreetScroller iOS sample code.
  • HMScrollView
    Customized scroll view, the scroll view support tap action and download the images from internet asynchronously.
  • ILSideScroll View
    A sideways scrolling selection scroll view.
  • Image ScrollViewWithPreviewAndPaging
    Image scroll view with preview and paging, like AppStore.
  • ios imagescroll
    iOS: example of using image view inside a scroll view with auto layout.
  • JSInfiniteScrollView
    A view with an API inspired by UITableView that uses a UIScrollView to implement an infinite (or wrapping) scroll view.
  • KMHorizontal Table View
    A horizontal implementation of a tableview like scrollview. Using familiar structure, swapping references from rows to columns.
  • LXPaging Views
    A small, efficient and flexible implementation for common paging scroll view patterns.
  • ManyPagesScrollView Sample
    Sample of scrollview usage that preloads only part of the contents for efficient memory usage.
  • MBPullDownController
    MBPullDownController, an iOS container view controller for pullable scroll view interfaces.
  • Menu ScrollView
    An iOS scrollview extended class for a swappable menu.
  • OmniGrid View
    a large grid scroll view with reusable cells.
  • PunchScrollView
    PunchScrollView is a iOS ScrollView framework which works like the UITableView.
  • QMBParallaxScrollViewController
    Add a parallax top view to any UIScrollView (incl. UITableViews) #Parallax #ScrollView # Table View #Header.
  • RDVKeyboardAvoiding
    Keyboard avoiding scroll view for iOS.
  • ScrollView Demo For iPhone.
    There may be times when you want an infinite page loop, but don?t want to load in a lot of content. For example , You may have a lot of content to display inside the UIScrollView. Loading large amounts of data there would not be the ideal approach.
  • ScrollView Example
    Example pattern using UIScrollView.
  • SWScroll View
    StarWars Opening Scroll View Sample.
  • TableSideTable View
    ScrollView in Table View.
  • UIScrollView with drag and drop subviews
    This is a project that im working on, kind of a scrollview that you can drag and drop subviews in and out of.
  • WrappingScroll View
    An iOS view which creates an "infinite" scroll view containing repeating copies of a provided UIView.
  • ZGPullDragScroll View
    Awesome scroll View category to add PullDown and DragUp customization.