List of Free code UIAlert


  • AHAlert View
    A block based, easy to theme replacement for UIAlert View.
  • alert blocks
    Category of UIAlert View that offers a completion handler to listen to interaction. This avoids the need of the implementation of the delegate pattern.
  • AppiraterPlus
    This is Appirater that you all know and love but with a twist. This version is now ARC compatible, and is converted to use a.xib file instead of a UIAlert View.
  • Block UIAlert ViewActionSheet
    UIAlertView & UIActionSheet subclasses using Blocks rather than delegate callbacks.
  • BlockAlertsAnd ActionSheets
    Beautifully done UIAlert View and UIActionSheet replacements inspired by TweetBot.
  • Custom UIAlert ViewFactory
    UIAlertView is both limited and comes with a variety of irritations and problems. This project presents a solution by using blocks for the callbacks, and allowing custom views to be used instead of the default blue alert view.
  • DLAlert View
    UIAlert View replacement that can embed custom content views , is fully themable and let's you use a delegate and/or blocks.
  • JSAlert View
    Customizable UIAlert View replacement.
  • Lambda Alert
    Simple UIAlert View wrapper that uses blocks for button actions.
  • OGActionChooser
    an iconized option chooser with the style of an UIActionSheet or UIAlert View.
  • PSAlert View
    Modern block based wrappers for UIAlert View and UIActionSheet.
  • PXAlert View
    A drop in replacement for UIAlert View that is more customisable and skinnable.
  • SBTableAlert
    A great looking UIAlert View with an UITable View inside.
  • ShakingAlert View
    UIAlert View subclass containing a password entry field and a 'shake' animation for incorrect password entry.
  • SIAlert View
    An UIAlert View replacement with block syntax and fancy transition styles.
  • TSAlert View
    UIAlert View drop in replacement. Supports stacked buttons, input fields, user configurable size, and more.
  • URBAlert View
    A completely custom UIAlert View that supports custom drawing for the core component and internal buttons, and a wider range of animation options for showing and hiding. Block enabled!.
  • WCAlert View
    WCAlert View is deliverd from UIAlert View. It's support customization and blocks.
  • ZPopoverController
    Easy way to handle UIPopoverController, UIActionSheet and UIAlert View for iOS.