List of Free code ListView


  • Expandable List View
    Expandable list for AppKit (Mac OS X).
  • IOS Example App
    This is a simple utility listview app to be used as a code sample.
  • LeveyPop List View
    LeveyPop List View is an alternative of UIActionSheet : ).
  • MMHorizontal List View
    An horizontal list scroll view designed to reuse views.
  • PXListView
    An optimized Cocoa list view for Mac OS X 10.5 and greater.
  • roly poly
    This is a Google Now inspired card list view controllers. It is intended to be similar to a table view controller except that entries in the list are animated into place and you can swipe to delete any element of the list.
  • TiISRefreshControl
    Wrapping ISRefreshControl for Ti.UI.TableView and Ti.UI. List View on Titanium Mobile.
  • UIPopover List View
    An iOS pop up list view, like Spinner in Android.