List of Free code ViewController


  • AutoHideKeyboardControllers
    ViewController and Table ViewControllers with tapping background to hide keyboard function.
  • CloudController
    PFQuery Table ViewController works well for a PFQuery. Having Found Nothing for cloud fucntion, I created a CloudQueryController which works in the same way as PFQuery Table ViewController. If you have any feedback for it, I would be pleased to know them.
  • Dictionary
    Simple offline Dictionary app for iOS 5+ (built with UIReference Library ViewController).
  • DTMagicHeads Table ViewController
    Header behavior like Notification Center.
  • GKLParallaxPictures
    Parallax ViewController made specifically for showcasing multiple images.
  • KMPullRefresh Table ViewController
    KMPullRefresh Table ViewController is an Objective C implementation of the pull refresh and load more.
  • MGPRemoteAssetController
    A simple library to download internet files directly to disk with progress and completion notifications. A simple download viewcontroller is also included.
  • MicrophoneBlowDetector
    iOS 'Utility' Class that monitors the microphone and watches for hissing noises and sends start/stop notifications. a demo shows how to easily use it in a viewController.
  • MOPath Menu Controller
    This is path like menu ViewController.It support features like when show leftViewcontroller or rightViewController, the pan gesture is enable.
  • PKTableViewController
    Based on Three 20 Table ViewController.
  • PullToRefresh
    A simple iPhone Table ViewController for adding pull to refresh functionality.
  • Reordering Table ViewController
    Drag and drop UITableView rows.
  • Ripple Table ViewController
    Table ViewController with ripple effect on scroll and tap.
  • SampleLicenses Table ViewController
    Simply add Licenses or Legal Notice to iOS application.
  • SCPagingGrid View
    SCPagingGrid View is a collection of iOS viewcontroller containers, views , & helpers.
  • Simple Table ViewController
    A Simple Table ViewController for the iPhone.
  • Sliding Menu ViewController
    A streamlined implementation of a Sliding Menu for iOS.
  • SparrowBones
    Simple template for Sparrow Framework based games implemented using a ViewController. Since Sparrow 1.3's AppScaffold is very nice now, I recommend you use that instead.
  • StaticData Table ViewController
    Enables to hide static cells.
  • Todo Table
    A simple table that shows information from a Parse Todo class. Used to illustrate the use of PFQuery Table ViewController.
  • view controller mark ii
    An experiment taking Apple?s ViewController sample code as the reference point; tries to improve it by reducing the number of lines, making it easier to understand, maintain, expand.
  • ViewController Demo
    A demo application showcasing the usage of iPhone view controllers.
  • Wiz Image Gallery
    WizNote Image Gallery ViewController.