List of Free code UIWebView


  • BlocksKit Web ViewTest
    Demo of modal view controller with UIWebView not deallocated upon dismissal when using UIWebView+BlocksKit.
  • BubblePack Web
    How to show files packaged with your App in a UIWebView.
  • CoverScroll
    Quick demo of Tweetbot style image covers in a UIWebView.
  • Flat Web View
    A ludicrously simple subclass of UIWebView that hides the drop shadows behind said UIWebView.
  • iHackerPro App
    A UIWebView app for my forum with custom contextual menu, image uploader & upload history.
  • JavaScriptTest
    Demonstrate how to load local web to UIWebView.
  • Mobile Safari Inspector
    Use Web Kit Inspector to debug iOS web apps rendered in a native UIWebView.
  • Mobile Web iPhone Wrapper
    A very simple iPhone app that uses UIWebView to render a mobile version of a website. NOT production ready and meant simply as an example.
  • NativeFrom Web View1
    example for accessing iPhone's native functionality from web pages inside UIWebView.
  • NEETAction Web View
    The subclass of UIWebView that can hook a long press links action.
  • NSURLImageProtocol
    An example of a customer NSURLProtocol which allows UIWebView to reference local images store in the resource bundle.
  • Reader
    A Simple Reader application that pre fetches upto 5 web views and renders them using the iOS UIWebView.Reader.
  • Resizable Web View
    An example of how to make UIWebViews a bit more dynamic.
  • SDAdvanced Web View
    Add some handy features to you UIWebViews.
  • Test Web App01
    Demo of how to create a self contained Web App using UIWebView.
  • Test Web View
    Test Project for UIWebView, using a tutorial from
  • uinavigation webview
    Simple UIWebView with a toolbar.
  • UIWebView Blocks
    A simple implementation of UIWebView with Blocks instead of a messy delegate.
  • UIWebView Boilerplate
    iOS native wrapper for web apps.
  • UIWebView Progress
    integrates NJKWebViewProgress into UIWebView.
  • UIWebView Sample Project
    This is a sample project to explain and present some nice features of the UIWebView and view transitions.
  • UIWebViewDummyBrowser
    Test mobile apps in a UIWebView.
  • UIWebViewHttpStatusCodeHandling
    A demo iOS project to demonstrate how to detect and handle http status codes while using UIWebViews.
  • UIWebViewSample
    The sample to show js & native code call each other using UIWebView.
  • Web Recorder
    App with full screen UIWebView that supports getUserMedia().
  • Web Scraper iOS
    a Web Scraping Utility with embed UIwebView context engine.
  • Web SiteScreenCapture
    Generate website screen capture using UIWebView in iOS.
  • webview screenshot
    A Objective C class for capturing screenshots of UIWebViews.
  • Webviews
    Customize the contextual menu of UIWebView.