List of Free code UIImage


  • AMPAvatar View
    A simple UIView subclass that shows an UIImage with a shadow in a circle.
  • AutoResizing Images
    UIImage extension to parse pixels for resizing data.
  • CJImageMerge
    UIImage category for merge two images.
  • DAAnisotropic Image
    DAAnisotropic Image is an anisotropic UIImage generator. Specifically, for a metallic slider knob.
  • Image CacheWithoutARC
    Cache of UIImage. If there isn't the image in the cache, Image Cache class automatically download it.
  • Image Reflection
    A simple addition to UIImage allowing the reflection of images.
  • Image Spinner
    Animates spinning an UIImage.
  • imagecachetest
    This iPhone application is inspired on Alex Curylo?s article about the problems of UIImage?s image Named: method.
  • iphone uiimage filters
    The iPhone SDK does not provide image process filters (gaussian blur etc.). This repository is my attempt at coming up with my own collection of filters.
  • JBSignatureController
    Allows you to present a view controller to the user allowing them to sign on the screen. After they've signed, the controller allows you to grab a UIImage of the signature for use or store. Built with ARC.
  • KGPixelBoundsClip
    NSImage and UIImage category that provides methods to find the pixel bounds of an image and create a new image clipped to those bounds.
  • LBGIFImage
    This is a small category that creates an animated UIImage out of a gif image.
  • Morphology
    A demonstration of using image morphology (dilation and erosion) to simulate drawing a stroke around an arbitrary transparent UIImage.
  • MSCachedAsync View Drawing
    Helper class that allows you to draw views (a)synchronously to a UIImage with caching for great performance.
  • SCGifExample
    Use it as UIImage View to display Gif with animation.
  • UIImage AutomaticCapInsets
    UIImage+AutomaticCapInsets is intended to developers & UI designers. The trick is simple: developers now avoid the use of magic numbers when creating a resizable image with cap insets, and UI designers automatically put the cap insets in the filename.
  • UIImage BlurredFrame
    UIImage category that blurs an specified frame of a UIImage.
  • UIImage Conversion
    Simple class to convert UIImage objects to bitmap arrays (RGBA8).
  • UIImage CreateThumbnail
    Simple category for creating placeholder UIImages on the fly.
  • uiimage dsp
    IOS UIImage processing functions using the vDSP/Accellerate framework for speed.
  • UIImage FaceFirst
    Crop the image to specified size, and automatically detect any human face in the image to prevent cropping out any face.
  • uiimage from animated gif
    A UIImage category that loads animated GIFs.
  • UIImage Image 2x
    UIImage's category that creates an image object for the retina display.
  • UIImage Resize
    Category to add some resizing methods to the UIImage class, to resize it to a given CGRect ? or fit in a CGRect keeping aspect ratio.
  • UIImage Sprite Additions
    UIImage Category for handling sprite sheets.
  • UIImage Symmetric
    UIImage category for images assets that are reflected.
  • UIImage Trim
    Category for trimming transparent pixels of an UIImage object.
  • UIImageAdjust
    Simple interface extensions for UIImage. Adjust brightness or contrast. Apply auto color levels or a simple Gaussian blur filter to images. (These extensions are SLOW and not for real time filtering).
  • uiimagerotate
    rotate UIImage to any 90 degree orientation.
  • UIImageViewCurlShadowEffect
    UIImage View Curl Shadow effect programetically.
  • UImage CGContext
    Category to draw UIImage inline within blocks.
  • UIView JTViewTo Image
    Rendering any UIViews into UIImage in one line.
  • UIViewToUIImage
    UIView instance convert to UIImage instance category.
  • v Image Category
    UIImage category which have v Image wrapper functions and the demo project.
  • VVImageTint
    UIImage category for image tint. For my blog post blending in ios/.